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Our mission is to brighten your moments with our hand-poured soy candles, which provide peace and tranquility. Take time to pause, reflect, and affirm your success, confidence, strength, beauty, and individuality. No matter the day or time, acknowledge and appreciate all of life's blessings.



More than just a candle company, Tranquil Wicks is committed to supporting and empowering our community. With gratitude for our thriving business, we eagerly give back and share our good fortune.



Each new candle launch requires extensive time and research. Over several weeks, we thoroughly research potential scents, solicit feedback from friends and family, and carefully select each component - scent, color, vessel, and wick - to ensure an optimal product. Our candles are hand-poured in small batches and left to cure for 2 weeks before the thoughtfully designed labels are applied. This meticulous process allows us to deliver the highest quality candles to our customers.

Tranquil Wicks LLC Team


Robert Viquez

Founder and Owner

With an entrepreneurial spirit instilled by his mother, Robert founded Tranquil Wicks LLC to share his passion for crafts and candles. A lifelong Brooklynite, Robert graduated from Bushwick High School in 2005 before earning his certification in case management from Hunter College School of Social Work. Driven by his community and his faith, Robert credits his alma mater and his mother's lessons of hard work and perseverance for shaping him into the leader he is today. Currently, Robert works to inspire youth as a Business CTE Teacher and Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor while continuing his own education at SUNY Oswego.

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